The premier online enhanced video management system

NewsLook is a powerful software platform
which enhances existing enterprise workflows
to efficiently manage and syndicate video
resulting in increased revenue and reduced costs.

Winner of the 2013 CODiE Award for Best Video Platform for Media & Publishers

Benefits of NewsLook

We integrate with your existing systems

NewsLook is built to seamlessly integrate into your existing editorial workflow,
including major CMSs, pagination systems, image archives, and Video Delivery Platforms,
making you more productive.

Complete editorial services

In addition to automated tagging of video, our curation team further enhances video.

Monetize with your ads or ours

We provide the flexibility for you to use your own advertising or to use ours.
Many of our publishers have their own campaigns that they fill.
We can also offer you access to our ad campaigns so you can improve your fill rate
and increase your monetization.

Companies using NewsLook


By extracting key metadata, NewsLook makes content fully searchable
from a premium library of HD video from over 120 sources.
All licensed, brand-safe and pre-approved by our editorial team.

Companies using NewsLook


NewsLook is the video partner for over 800 websites, mobile apps and social media feeds.
Let us help you integrate relevant video to increase engagement and revenue.

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