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We are the video partner for hundreds of websites, mobile apps and social media feeds. Let us help you integrate video, grow revenues and expand your brand.

Companies using NewsLook Vertical Video Integration

Companies using NewsLook Vertical Video Integration


NewsLook's proprietary workflow extracts key metadata and makes video fully searchable. We license content from top video producers globally. All content is brand-safe and curated by our editorial staff. We publish over 12,000 new video stories monthly.

Companies using NewsLook


NewsLook distributes HD video to more than 800 domains in the United States and Canada. Our content is encoded for and available in web, mobile and digital TV.

NewsLook Distribution

Video Platform

NewsLook is an end-to-end platform for organizing, hosting and distributing digital video for content creators, publishers & brands.

Our cloud- based platform ensures reliability and scalability and provides the most versatile delivery in the industry.

Benefits of NewsLook

Complete editorial services

Our editorial team will find the best videos for your site, provide daily video updates for specific verticals, and package niche content.

Monetize with your ads or ours

We provide the flexibility for you to use your own advertising or to use ours. Many of our publishers have their own campaigns that they fill. We can also offer you access to our ad campaigns so you can improve your fill rate and increase your monetization.

We integrate with your existing systems

NewsLook is built with simplicity and flexibility in mind so it can integrate easily into your existing editorial workflow, even if you already use another video provider, such as Brightcove and Ooyala.

Companies using NewsLook

Full visibility with detailed analytics

See how your video is performing across your sites. You'll be able to see which videos are most popular and where on your site the videos perform best.

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